About us

SigmaDrugs Ltd is a privatly owned, preclinical stage start-up company founded in 2015. The company is dedicated to find new therapeutical targets for the treatment of fibrotic diseases affecting several organs, primarly the kidney.

The team identified a novel transduction pathway playing a relevant role in the development fibrosis. Based on this finding new compounds have been developed which slow the progression of renal fibrosis. The application might also have relevance in the treament of other fibrosis-associated diseases. 

Meet the team

Andrea Fekete MD, PhD, Co-Founder

is a medical doctor specialized in pediatrics with 15 years of international experience in basic and translational research of kidney disease.


István Pólay CEO

holds an MBA cortporate management and has 18 years of experience in business developement and solution sales.


Lilla Lénárt Molecular Biologist

is a research fellow with a significant experience in molecular methods and animal models.


Apor Veres-Székely Biochemical Engineer, Clinical Laboratory Scientist

is a research fellow with a significant experience in optimization of molecular technics and in vitro experimental models.